About us

Lodge Farm is located in north east Hampshire, 36 miles south west of London. The M3 Motorway passes the farm to the North while the Odiham bypass makes a westerly border. The nearest small towns are Hook and Odiham with Basingstoke close by.

The most visual striking feature of Lodge Farm is the River Whitewater. The river noted on Jansson‘s map of Hampshire in 1646 is a shallow spring fed tributary and meanders right through the farm. With farming and such a famous river being interwoven with the farm, all activities are sensitively managed to ensure great biodiversity for a healthy river, soil, common and rare bird species.

It has been farmed by the Janaway family since 1970 and their main crops are processing potatoes, organic chickens and cereals.

There is an outstanding farm enterprise  called “Newlyns” https://www.newlyns-farmshop.co.uk/  which you cannot miss as you drive down the main farm lane.