International Kidney

This one is so local and exciting. It was bred in 1876 about 16 miles away in Sulhamsted. It’s the best tasting early potato around and if you don’t believe me ask anyone in Jersey as it’s the variety Jersey Royal is based upon.  We offer this for a short season July and harvest early each morning so they are with the farm shop fresh each day.


This is the best salad potato around and very popular in France where it came from A very waxy variety that you want more of. Best boiled to enjoy the sweet aromatic flavour. The flesh is yellow and sometimes has a natural red colouring .


Another salad potato that has been growing since 1872. When I started my potato journey I came across this gem. It’s a finger shape. Don’t bother peeling just wash clean and boil. The taste explodes, and you will want more and more

Red King Edward

You have heard of King Edward. Well this one is the same in every respect other than the skin is 95% red. I think it’s better than King Edward. The plant is stronger and the soil at Lodge farm really does bring out the famous quality. This is our Christmas potato.


In my view the best tasting potato introduced since 1960s. It usually makes larger tubers and we aim to grow ours very large. The taste is reminiscent of Victorian potatoes, but what makes Kestrel so special is its ability to excel in all cooking purposes. We offer this as our mid-winter potato when Kestrel is still vibrant.


Simply a good all-rounder with yellow flesh and a yellow russet skin. We will offer this early in the season autumn / early winter when it’s at its best, so you get the fresh young taste of this lovely potato.

Red Duke of York

This is a tasty heritage floury potato dating back to 1942. It can be baked in its skin, roasted, mashed or steamed. It has bright white flesh and the tubers are of mixed sizes. The skin colour is a dramatic red/ crimson